Which Styjl is your style?

We can do almost anything and offer crafted acoustic treatments for practically every wish and requirement. Our offer, which is wide and all-encompassing, can roughly be divided into two main categories: An acoustic ceiling or wall system with a unique design that is not found anywhere else. The solution to this is the Fellert Even Better system. Or an acoustical ceiling or wall system that is fast and simple to install but still provides an exclusive feeling at a great price.              The solution to this is Styjl Straight Up.

Fellert Even Better offers complete freedom of design. Color our products as you please, play with surface textures and think outside the box when it comes to ceiling shapes. Everything is possible. Styjl Straight Up is a new, revolutionary technology designed to streamline the installation of acoustical ceilings. Minimizing disturbing elements during the construction or renovation of a building, it’s fast, simple and efficient.

To simplify and clarify our offer, we have divided our acoustical ceilings and wall products into four categories: Easy, Minimalistic, Aware and Wild.


Easy is the fast, efficient and cost-effective acoustical ceiling treatment. Here we use the Styjl Straight Up system, which is practically as easy to install as traditional tile ceilings, but with a much better result in terms of looks and finish. This is the easy and popular choice for schools, offices, retails stores, residential and similar spaces.


Are you looking for a clean, stripped-down solution that offers an exclusive feel? Then Minimalistic is your kind of Styjl. Here we offer a comprehensive standard collection that caters to a wide range of tastes and requirements. We may be playing a little with texture or some well-balanced color, but not more than that. After all, this is minimalism. Fellert Even Better is the acoustic system we use in this category.


Do you want to go beyond the ordinary and have a clear picture of the looks and atmosphere you are after? Then you are Aware. This trendy category includes several stylish textures such as concrete, marble and sandstone, all with excellent sound absorption. The Fellert Even Better system unifies design and acoustics.


Do you prefer to go your own way, far beyond the beaten path? Without having to compromise on sound absorption? Then welcome to Wild and a road less travelled. This untamed category enables you to realize your visions and create exactly the design and ambience you strive for. The Fellert Even Better system leads the way to total freedom.

Our acoustic solutions are trusted by some of the biggest brands and companies in the world

What’s next?

It all depends on what you are looking for. Do you want a product sample, a price estimate or more information about us? Perhaps you want to download a specification for a certain product or a detailed drawing of, for example, an inner or outer corner?