The Melody Club

Located next to the famous Gothenburg Avenue is a brand-new karaoke bar called The Melody Club.  The doors to this vibrant and very extra place opened in March 2022 and, it is a place to visit for sure.

A tasteful mix of colors, texture and shapes forming a theme of “Art deco meets Miami sunsets”, which was the vision created by the architect and designer Maria Montecinos Franjola.

Our Fellert Even Better Concrete Muddywood was chosen for the texture, but they wanted a darker and more rusty orange color. This turned out to be a fantastic combination with the lighting and original interior pieces. Our Styjl Straight Up system was also chosen in a darker gray compared to the standard white color and installed in the corridor on the lower level leading to the karaoke studios. This to match the darker design on the lower level, which differs a little from the vibrant colors on the first floor. In addition to the custom concrete and the Straight Up, the designer also went with our Fellert Even Better Concrete Old Boy finish inside the bar and a corridor on the first floor.

Since there were wishes to tweak the colors on both our systems, we did a few color tests before we found the perfect colors. Thus creating a custom concrete finish and a custom-colored Straight Up finish just for the Melody Club.

This is a fantastic example of how our systems can work together to help enhance the atmosphere and experience of a room. Each system and finish have their own uniqueness and attributes that they bring to the table.

Design by Montecinos Franjola Design. Photography by Lee Kearney Photography.


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