Pas d’Art Restaurant

In the spirit of Swedish Grace and Swedish folklore, the interior design for the renovation and transformation from Wiener Café into Pas d’Art Restaurant in Stockholm was born. A true homage in the gold and red theme with glamorous interior pieces. In the bar and the main dining hall is the Fellert Even Better acoustic plaster incorporated to match the rest of this magnificent interior. Both the colorful ceiling and the gold with stuccoed details is the Styjl mantra in its full glory.

This has Wild written all over it. Far beyond the beaten path. Imagine the attention to detail when creating the unique pattern with acoustic plaster in a palette of colors. Acoustic plaster and acoustical coating are spray applied so there is a reason why seamless acoustical ceilings are normally uniformed. Hours and hours of work has been put down masking the contours of the unique patterns and each color has been sprayed on individually. Excellent craftsmanship by KW Bygg and A-team.

We at Styjl are extremely proud to have been part of the making of this stunning piece of art and we hope that it will inspire more designers and architects to stretch their boundaries, go Wild and challenge us to discover the outer limits of what can actually be achieved with acoustic plaster and seamless acoustic ceilings.

Designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio. Local architect Ettelva Arkitekter. Installed by KW Bygg AB and A-Team. Photography by James McDonald.

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