Ingierstrand Bad

Restaurang Ingierstrand Bad was once the given place for spending leisure time for the residents of Oslo – a charming jewel in the Functionalism style, situated on the banks of the fjord. Over the years, both the restaurant and the surrounding area fell into disrepair, but after an extensive renovation and designation as a cultural landmark by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway, this white elephant is once again in pristine condition and ready to receive visitors. Our Even Better has a high presence here – both on the ceilings and walls.

Ingierstrand Bad was built in full compliance with the rules of Functionalism – a fantastic piece of Norwegian cultural and architectural history. The renovation was thus meticulously conducted and with a large measure of preparatory work to ensure that the renovated building would be as close to the original as possible. Our challenge was in delivering functional acoustical solutions – something that was not originally included when the building was built – without jeopardizing the building’s very special character, in an environment with solely hard materials such as stone and wood. Thank you to Municipality of Oslo for this excellent challenge to show the possibility of Crafted Acoustics.

Designed by Arkitektskap AS. Installed by Bygg & Akustikmontage.

Photo: BorisXpression AB

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