Carnegie Library

Keeping the aesthetic of historic buildings during a renovation isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Whether it be to keep the original appearance or to use the same materials or at least the look of it. But once in a while you come across products and solutions that helps to restore the building to its former glory but using slightly modern products and technics. It was also important to maintain and restore this particular Beaux-Arts style building.

As well as the ability to seamlessly blend into the existing environment, the Fellert Even Better Silk acoustic plaster gives the Carnegie Library a rejuvenated look without sacrificing the aesthetic and authentic look and on top of it all providing a modern sound absorbing solution. A perfect example of a minimalistic, yet bold and grand design to emphasize the architectural vision and Styjl.


Designed by Foster + Partners. Installed by C. J. Coakley Co., Inc.

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