Il Marchese Ristorante

As said by the architect:

The client’s request was to revive the soul of the “Marchese del Grillo”, the topic very close to the Roman people thanks to Mario Monicelli’s film, inside their future restaurant. Hence the difficulty of the two Roman studios in re-proposing the owners’ idea in an architectural key and without falling into the banality of a scenography already seen. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of an eighteenth-century building in the ancient Via di Ripetta in Rome.

As soon as you enter the entrance, you can breathe the air of the ancient courtyards of the bourgeois palaces. A large space, deliberately open, allows the light to play in the most natural way possible.

On the one hand, the reference to the life of the humble “Carbonaro Gasperino” can be read through the perfect choice of furnishings in the taverns of the past. Wooden tables and chairs, marble counters, antique walls surround the market area where the people who live it are the protagonists beyond the architecture.

The two souls of the project are in the heart of the restaurant, the great kitchen and the impressive and rich amaro bar which have been cleverly connected to each other by a long counter and a large window. The wooden counter with top in white Carrara marble has a particular workmanship that visually accompanies, together with the brass structure and the flooring in old black and white checkered tiles.


Designed by D_factoryarchitecturedesign and Gasparini Architetti.

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