UNLV Hospitality Hall

The building embraces its hospitality roots and blends them with the rigors of an academic program. The inner atrium, lower plaza’s, upper balconies and roof top gardens provide students and faculty alike with opportunities for daily serendipitous’ encounters, places to study as groups or individually, to entertain or just relax (Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Architects, 2019).

The ability to provide something for everyone is bestowed upon a limited number of people but the amazing architects, engineers, craftsmen and of course the client behind the new UNLV Hospitality Hall have for sure mastered this talent.

The UNLV Hospitality Hall welcomes both faculty and students to a new and modern area where there is room for work, study, relaxing, social gatherings and so much more.

The wow factor, thanks to the high ceilings, hits you as soon as you step foot inside and since acoustical ceilings is a big hit when connecting two floors with open high ceilings, this hall is no different. Connecting the two floors is our stunningly installed Even Better Silk.


Designed by Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto Architects. Installed by PCI – Las Vegas.

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