NVIDIA Headquarters

Skylights bring ample diffused daylight into the building, creating an efficient and uplifting work environment, one poised to make its mark in the Silicon Valley landscape (Gensler, 2018).

The design of the NVIDIA HQ in Santa Clara, CA is based on the spirit that the company’s biggest asset being its people. One way to reflect this was to create the building in the way that people moved from one area to the other. This required a number of different meeting areas where people could have spontaneous meetings and catch up but also more quiet study areas for scheduled meeting or a nice get away for individual work.

To elevate the feeling of these areas and putting the design together, our Even Better Silk was installed over the staircase / bleacher and the more tucked away spaces to bring a more pleasing sound environment for the NVIDIA people. And not to mention the stunning skylights imbedded in the ceiling, Crafted Acoustics scores once again.


Designer Gensler Los Angeles. Installed by J&J Acoustics.

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