Mall of Scandinavia

Once again nature find its way into architectural design making everyone feel welcome and providing softness and familiarity and thus the inspiration for the Mall of Scandinavia was born.

BAU and Benoy Architects’ inspiration for the facade came from the ice floes formed during the spring thaw, which they replicated in bronze-colored metal. Wingårdh Arkitektkontor have brought three of the four elements into the interior – earth, water and air – with light woods, stalagmite-shaped living greenery extending upward. To further the experience, they added water ripples in the fountain, and an airiness throughout thanks to the irregularly shaped cut-outs between the floors. These ultimately whirl their way up into the wind node. At the same time, the four lanes of stores have both an urban and international feel to them, with eight-meter-high fronts along Flagship Avenue, event and pop-up areas as well as restaurants. When interviewed, Gert Wingårdh said it was especially exciting to work on the non-shopping areas.

Lounges and seating areas along the rows of stores provide perfect spots for taking a break. Our Fellert Even Better Sahara acoustic plaster winds its way above you, creating a pleasant acoustic and shopping environment. With organic shapes and thousands of twinkling spotlights, these large white surfaces create the foundation that ties the building’s different parts and elements into a cohesive whole. The fifth element perhaps? Absolutely! 

Photo: Susanne Bengtsson/Byggvärlden & Unibail-Rodamco

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