Maui Ocean Center

Spectacular creatures at arm’s reach without having to dive down into the deep blue ocean and this is possible how, you might ask?

Well, a part of the exhibit Humpbacks of Hawai’i is to have a seat in the sphere at the Maui Ocean Center, experience a 360 3D-movie and emerge yourself with these magnificent creatures and all this is projected onto our Fellert Even Better Silk, which is this case works as a movie screen inside the entire dome. Pretty cool huh?

This goes to show the strengths of the Styjl acoustic plaster ceilings, which obviously do not have to stay on the ceilings. Install them on the walls and have them play a role in the active features of a room is basically a two for one, whether it be a movie screen or have another function and of course work as a sound absorber. What better way to combine two different elements! 

We really recommend you to visit the Maui Ocean Center in Wailuku, Hawaii to see the exhibit first-hand but if you haven’t, follow this link for a sneak peek! 

Designed by Pacific Atelier. Installed by Delta Construction.

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