What should you bear in mind when procuring a contract for seamless acoustic ceilings?

Actually, a very big and wide-ranging question that is difficult to answer briefly, but please contact us and we will be happy to provide more extensive advice. First and foremost, start your preparations in good time. You want to have enough time for your chosen installer to carry out a test installation for approval before the actual work begins. In addition to a test installation, it will be important to clarify how all the details should look – flush lighting, vents, sprinklers, etc. or transitions to other surfaces, inspection hatches, etc. Do not take anything for granted, but ensure that there are detailed drawings of everything, and include anything you think might be problematic in the test installation. Agree with the installer on the total time required for the job, as well as how long the installer will need to have access to the areas, and what kind of access is required. Also have a thorough discussion about when the installation is to take place. Preferably as late as possible, to avoid soiling and damage to the finished surfaces.

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