seamless acoustic ceilings – what is the total installation time?

Seamless acoustic ceilings are crafted on site

Seamless acoustic ceilings are without exception hand crafted on site. This is the only way to establish a joint-free appearance. They are all built up in several layers, even if the composition of layers can be different depending on which type of ceiling that is installed. It can be built up by several layers of acoustic plaster, an absorbing core of glass fibre, stone wool, perforated gypsum etc. covered with two or more layers of acoustic plaster, it can be a perforated stretched fabric with a backing absorbent core of glass fibre or stone wool panels and so on.

All these different types of seamless acoustic ceilings have one thing in common. Site building in several layers takes time. Especially if each layer has to cure before the next layer can be applied. it is not uncommon that the cured layer needs some improvement, like sanding before the next layer can be applied. Sanding cannot be done before the layer is completely dry, which makes it impossible to cut corners, should you want to do so.

Example of time estimation

To explain further, let’s focus on a ceiling area of 100 m2 (1000 sf ft). This is an area small enough for a team of 3-4 persons to finish any step of installation during the one and same working day.

A traditional seamless acoustic ceiling like the Fellert Even Better consists of an absorbent board, two layers of acoustic plaster and a finishing layer of acoustical coating. The installation sequence would be:

Board installation- sanding of boards – drying time – Acoustic plaster base layer – drying time – sanding – acoustic plaster finish – drying time – acoustical coating.

Depending on the conditions on site the total installation time would sum up to some 8-9 days, which is quite long in comparison with an acoustic tile ceiling which is installed in 1-2 days.

New and recent developments in the seamless acoustic ceiling segment has made it possible to shorten the total installation time significantly. If we compare with Styjl Straight Up which is a new and fast system, the installation process would be:

Board installation – sanding of boards – acoustic plaster base layer – acoustic plaster finish layer.

No intermediate drying time needed and no sanding, except for the boards. This will shorten the total installation time to 1-2 days, which is essentially the same as for acoustic tile ceilings.

To summarize things, if the total installation time matters to you, make sure to check the installation sequence of the system you are about to purchase and watch out for intermediate drying and sanding, which will add a lot of time to the total installation time.


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