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Harmonious sound environments that don’t interfere with the atmosphere of old buildings, and ceilings that boost brands – how is it possible?

For starters, we don’t do shortcuts. We rather build everything from scratch on site, a must if you want to get a perfect result since each ceiling is unique.
This means we listen carefully to the customer’s wishes and integrate them with the practical circumstances. The creativeness that takes place when forming a solution by combining the information from the customer with our installers’ expertise and our own knowledge, makes it possible to create exactly the solution that the customer desires and demands.

As well as not only having a solution to create a specific vision of looks and cohesiveness, we also have solutions that suit most locations or spaces, from private residences to the grandes of hotel lobbies and almost everything in between. But over the years we have come to specialize in four main areas:                       Old buildings, Company branding, Illusions and Active functions. 

Please read more below about how we apply above acoustics to each category.

Old buildings

The trend of reviving old buildings is strong. A large number of existing buildings are either empty or do not meet the standard for modern use, while their timeless and attractive architecture continuous to appeal. Here we can create a better sound environment while we keep or imitate the original design. Our unique acoustical ceilings and wall solutions blends seamlessly into these environments, resulting in old, rejuvenated buildings with authentic design and modern sound absorption.


During new construction or renovation of a building, room or space, it can sometimes be technically impossible to use the authentic material because of undesired effects. It may be too heavy, or the sound environment will not be good enough, etc. In these cases, we can imitate the desired look while creating the required sound environment. We can create the illusion of several materials and surfaces, such as concrete, oak and sandstone to name a few, with one remarkable difference – the illusion includes top class sound absorption.

Company branding

Company branding is tough business; the battle to manifest presence and enhance recognition is fierce. Our crafted acoustic ceilings and wall solutions are perfect for this purpose. Since we can vary color, shape and surface structure almost endlessly, we can create spaces with a unique appearance that reflects and boosts your brand. Woven seamlessly into the background, our product provides optimal conditions for your brand to stand out on a daily basis, in spaces such as flagship stores, offices and showrooms.

Active functions

Active functions means that the ceiling is an active part of the room. The main purpose of our crafted acoustics ceilings and wall solutions is of course to improve the sound environment, but they can also provide additional functions by acting as a video wall to project images on, for example. Our product is currently used in so-called large-screen dome theaters, where the product’s smooth surface provides perfect image reproduction, while the reverberation time is kept at the right level.

The system can also be used as a basis for mural paintings, for sound reproduction via hidden speakers in walls or ceilings, for directions to emergency exits via fluorescent signposts in ceilings or walls, as well as a bulletin board. As a wall covering, the product is suitable for attaching notes with map pins.

The most common active function, however, is to adjust the ceiling height in the room. Sometimes you want to lower the height and other times you want to raise it to create extra volume.

How it’s done

Expansive visions and the desire to give each structural element a distinctive character often involve considerable practical challenges, not the least when it comes to the acoustical environment. In other words, the challenge of limiting noise and its associated health problems.

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