Our passion

Staring down on people may not be the most grandiose of human qualities. For us, however, it pretty much comes with the territory. Yes, our vista point is almost heavenly. We are crazy about ceilings, acoustic ceilings in particular. We love how they can literally elevate the spirit of a room, filling it with a unique ambience from top to bottom.

Unfortunately, this opportunity has been sorely neglected in too many places and spaces. Traditional sound-absorbing ceiling tiles are quite simply boring. This is a very sad observation since the ceiling is usually as large as the floor, and undoubtedly comes with greater potential to create a dazzling and wholesome atmosphere. After all, the ceiling provides a natural backdrop for the inborn human drive to strive and look toward the sky. Certainly, it’s up here that dreams come true. From our perspective, the room as well as the people who populate the space deserve better. Much better. And this is why we choose to be styjlish.

Together with us you can get exactly what you want. You don’t have to change the design of the room, building or space in order to meet the sound absorbing requirements. You can recreate old buildings to their former glory and still enjoy modern acoustics. Create spaces that reflect and build your brand, using our seamless acoustic ceilings and wall solution that offers total design freedom.

This is Styjl. And this is us welcoming you to above acoustic ceilings that will floor your mind.

Our way

We are specialized in seamless acoustic ceilings and enabling active functions. We know that every ceiling is unique and deserves a perfect result and we have the curiosity, the competence and the experience to make that happen. Together we think in new ways to develop products that didn’t exist before. Or you can check out our already well-proven and populare Standard and Standard+ solutions. Perhaps you will find your new favorite among some of these.

Which Styjl is your style?

Let´s talk

Is it really possible? Yes, where there’s a will there’s a way! Contact us and we will share our experience and help you find your best solution for a fantastic seamless acoustic experience. And of course we are happy to send more information or a product sample if requested.

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