We believe in reusable sample boxes

A new idea can change the world. A new idea can maintain values. Therefore, we are now increasing the pace of our long-term work with circularity. The next generation is knocking on the door and we want to do our best to hand over for a better future. Circularity embodies our commitment. Reducing waste, reusing resources and creating a sustainable cycle for a better future will be our focus as we continue to create new ideas.

First up are our new, reusable sample boxes!

When you ask us for a sample, you will now receive it in one of our new, unique and stylish recyclable sample boxes! The idea is that you return the sample in the same box, if you no longer need it. Of course, Styjl pays for the carbon-neutral shipping

That way, you can join in and help delight the next imaginative mind seeking inspiration and creative exploration. Together we can create a sustainable cycle for a better future.

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