Fellert Even Better Secern

Rough and versatile high performer

A rough finish that suits various design themes. Take the opportunity to add a colored seamless acoustic ceiling to level up your design game. Easy to clean or repair thanks to our reactivation technology.


Dimensions & weight
3 mm (1/8 inch) thick. Weight (dry) 0.7 kg/m² (2,2 oz/ft²).

25 mm: 28 mm (1,1 inch) total construction height. Weight (dry, excl. adhesive/mech. fasteners) 3.55 kg/m² (11,6 oz/ft²).

39 mm: 42 mm (1,65 inch) total construction height. Weight (dry, excl adhesive/mech. fasteners) 4.7 kg/m² (15,4 oz/ft²).

3 mm: Can be mounted on walls or ceilings. On flat or vaulted surfaces. On most absorbent surfaces, primer may sometimes be needed.

25 mm-39 mm: Can be mounted on walls or ceilings. On flat or vaulted surfaces. Can be mounted with no gaps on existing ceilings or wall surfaces, suspended mounted on plasterboard or suspended directly from a track system.

Light reflectance
3 mm-39 mm: 90,0% per ASTM E1477-98a.

Fire safety classification
3 mm-39 mm: Class A per ASTM E84; B s1d0 per ISO EN 13823.

Cleaning and repair
Can be vacuumed. Spots can be removed with water and sponge. Damaged surfaces can be repaired.

Color selection
Can be tinted in the entire NCS, RAL, Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color scale.

3 mm-39 mm: 4 g/l (0,03 lbs/gal) VOC (emissions) per ASTM D3960, LEED.

Installation temperatures should be between 15 °C and 32 °C (60 °F and 90 °F) with humidity that does not exceed 70%. Tested for mold growth per ASTM D3273.

Sound absorption
3 mm: NRC 0.30 per ASTM C423.

25 mm: NRC 0.75-0.80 per ASTM C423. Alpha W 0,80 (class B) per ISO 354/ISO11654.

39 mm: NRC 0.85-0.90 per ASTM C423. Alpha W 0,95 (class A) per ISO 354/ISO11654.

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