Why we are styjlish.

We are crazy about ceilings. Yes, we truly love how they can create rooms with unique atmospheres from top to bottom. Sadly, this opportunity is lost in too many places and spaces. Rooms deserve better. The people who populate the spaces deserve much better. And this is why we choose to be styjlish. Why you together with us can get crafted acoustical ceilings that offer complete design freedom and enable you to get exactly what you want.

How we do it.

Each ceiling is unique, which means you must build everything from scratch on site if you want to get a perfect result. You can’t do shortcuts. You must listen carefully to the customer’s wishes and integrate them with the practical circumstances. And that’s basically the short version of how we do it. The longer version also includes how we have specialized in four main areas, rejuvenating old buildings, boosting brands, creating seamless illusions and enabling active functions.


Easy is the fast, efficient and cost-effective alternative.


Are you looking for a clean, stripped-down solution that offers an exclusive feel?


Do you want to go beyond the ordinary and have a clear picture of the looks and atmosphere you are after?


Do you prefer to go your own way, far beyond the beaten path?

We are trusted by some of the biggest brands and companies in the world

What’s next?

It all depends on what you are looking for. Do you want a product sample, a price estimate or more information about us? Perhaps you want to download a specification for a certain product or a detailed drawing of, for example, an inner or outer corner?